web-supportWe essentially focus on results for our valuable customers. Our affordable web management solutions include all the essential marketing tools to bring results.

Market research, website improvement, web security, lead capture, tracking, reporting, optimisation, results.

If you are serious about your business, you cannot afford to skip any of these essential steps.

When you follow our strategy, you are getting results. You must follow these steps toget the best results possible for your business.

Market Research:

It’s where everyone should start and very often, this first step is neglected by  too many business owners who don’t understand how being able to laser target their audience could bring them the best results and leave their competition in the dust.

Web Site Tools:

Too many business owners focus on the aesthetic aspect of their website instead of focusing on the marketing tool a website should be. What everyone really needs is more business. What most do is trying to look good. We believe you can get more business with the right tools while having a pretty website but your primary focus should be to get the right tools in place in order to generate more business.

Web Site Optimization:

Web speed is another important factor used by the search engines to grade and rank your website! Improving the loading speed of your CMS or web pages will give your visitors a better surfing experience.
Search engines rank website based on many factors, fast loading and security play an important role in the ranking game.

Lead Capture:

Whatever business you are providing, you need new customers. Being found and seen is one part of the process of a good marketing strategy. Being able to reach your potential customers is very important but you need to be able to market them again and again before they decide to buy from you. Getting prospect on an email or sms list (or both) allows you to present and describe your business while making enticing offers to convert these prospects into repetitive customers.


Tracking your visitors behavior helps you better understand how your website and advertisement are doing and provide you several useful metrics to help you improve your marketing strategy. Google Analytics is a great tool to integrate in your design as it gives you all the data you need to get the best results.


We can provide monthly detailed analytics report to help you improve your search engine ranking as well as the content you should provide to your visitors.
Using the tracking results can help providing the best content possible to increase your reach and conversion.


The analytics results and reports allow us to optimize your website to increase your reach and conversion. By using these results we can improve your search engine ranking allowing you to get more exposure, get more leads and close more deals.


It’s important to stay ahead of your competition and get good results. We aim to offer the best advice in terms of design and optimisation and we can provide solutions to increase your results.

Marc Sibille Owner of Turbo-Marketing-Internet.com